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 Eurobalkan Sailing Association EBSA was formed as mutual advisory and coordination body with the aim of promoting sailing sport and over borders cooperation between members of Euroregion.

Protocol on forming of EBSA was signed by clubs above on 4. July 2003 in Nis, and on 15. December same year in the city of Nis Assembly hall foundation assembly of Association was held. During that occasion, EBSA Council was chosen in composition of:

Targets and tasks of Association is as following (extract from EBSA Statute):

  • to organize and coordinate activities which promote cooperation between members in the field of sailing sport

  • to assist in development of concrete projects and plans which refer to mutual interests

  • to promote and assist establishing of contacts between members who live in the limits of areas covered by Association, including relations between experts from the field of sailing

  • to promote good neighboring relationships among members

  • to mediate and assist in the cooperation of its members with international organizations, agencies and institutions.

Members of EBSA formed competition league in 2003 and held following competitions:

  • 03 - 05. July regatta "Sveti car Konstantin" Lake of Oblacina, Nis class optimist

  • 01 - 03. August "Ilindenska regata" Ohrid classes: optimist, laser, europe, mistral, finn, micro

  • 29 - 31. August regatta "Eurobalkans" lake Iskar, Sofia class optimist


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Foundation assembly of AssociationFoundation assembly of Association, 15. December 2003Regatta "Sveti car Konstantin" 2003Regatta "Sveti car Konstantin" 2003Regatta "Sv. car Konstantin", Nis, 2003Lake of Oblacina 2003EBSA Logo